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You owe it to yourself to really find out what your true potential is.  By acting on areas of your game that are under your control is probably the easiest way to fast track this potential. The top 3 controllable actions you can take right now to impact your play on the ice are Sleep, Diet, and Training. 

1. Sleep

Sleep is arguably the number one action you can do right now to have an immediate impact on your on ice performance.  Lack of sleep effects all aspects of your life.  Decreased cognitive function, lack of focus, impaired skill acquisition, decreased insulin singling, and impaired cardiovascular health, just to name a few. Ya not really what you want down the stretch as you approach playoffs. 

2. Diet 

Diet is number 2 on the list.  What you put into your body has a direct impact on your performance.  Consuming garbage with a diet of sugary, fatty(unhealthy fats) foods is not the fuel your body needs to function like a finely tuned machine.  Your body is at it’s best when fuelled with high quality fruits, vegetables, and high quality protein. 

3. Training 

Lastly Training in the form of strength training is what helps increase the horse power of your engine.  Explosive starts, improved feeling of stability on the ice, harder shot, and a greater ability to fight for the puck in the corner and in front of the net. Doesn’t this sound like something that’s possible for you?  

 The best part, it’s all in your control!

Invest in yourself.

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