Success at any level of female hockey requires a certain level of strength.  Not just core strength or lower body strength to aid in skating speed. Full body strength is a requirement of any female hockey player and you can get this through bodyweight exercises.  Being able to control ones own body on and off the ice is definitely a positive attribute.

I’ve touched on this subject in the article – Are Bodyweight Exercises All A Female Hockey Player Needs?  In that article I discuss my thoughts on bodyweight exercises compared to using exercises that require resistance equipment.

Bodyweight Exercises

Whether you choose exercises that utilize equipment or stick to bodyweight exercises there is no getting around the fact that you initially need to be able to control your own body weight in order to improve your athleticism.

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I was going to write an article talking about this subject, however I came across a great article from Molly Galbraith who is part of the Girls Gone Strong Crew.  So I decided to share it here with everyone.  Molly gives a great explanation of the importance of the ability to control ones own body weight.   She gives six awesome examples of exercises to get you started.

So without further ado I’ll let Molly take it away with her article Bodyweight Strength: Six Exercises To Help You Get Strong Without Weights.


Hope you enjoy.