Last updated on December 9th, 2022 at 06:51 pm

Medball core exercises for hockey have become much more common in hockey training programs these days, and for good reason. They’re a simple training tool that can be used for many different purposes, and are especially efficient at improving core strength in players. They are also great at developing rotational power which will be touched on in a future article.

While players need to be explosive and should keep compound lifts at the forefront of their programs, core strength cannot be ignored. It’s the place in the body that transfers force between limbs. So when you take a shot, your legs start the motion and your arms finish it. The core is the place that transfers the force from your legs to your arms. You absolutely need to have a strong core to play hockey at a high level.

Add These two medball exercises to Your Hockey Core Workout

1. Medball Swings

These are similar to kettlebell swings, in that the main motion is a hip hinge. Try to be explosive from the bottom to the top of the exercise (I know most of my videos are more for demonstration than showing the full speed of the exercise).

2. Medball Chop

With this exercise you’re working on rotational power through the core, which is going to transfer over very well to the ice. These two core exercises for hockey can definitely progress over time to medal tosses which can further enhance the development of power throughout the entire body.

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