Hockey’s a Journey Not a Destination

This may sound cliche, that’s because it’s true. The other day I was thinking back to when I played minor hockey a long, long time ago, well lets not go there. Anyway I still remember how much fun and enjoyment I experienced being part of a team. These were hockey lessons for life and I know for a fact helped me in school and later on in the professional world.

Not Every Experience Was Awesome and Fun

Some were hard, gut wrenching and character testing. Thinking back the tough experiences might of been where I grew the most. Along with leadership, teamwork, and discipline I also learned about sticking up for others and during tough times how team mates will do the same for you. Many of these friends I still have today, and when we think back to the hockey days it’s always about the good times we had together hockey training, travelling to tournaments, and play off games.

One of The Most Important Hockey Lessons For Life

One of the most important lessons I learned from playing hockey and the other sports I played as well is how to be happy with who I was yet still trying to improve myself whether as a hockey player or just to be a better person.

You may not see it now, but like me when I look back I see hockey as more of a journey that I am so happy to of had and less of a destination to something better.  It’s also something I get to share with my two boys which couldn’t make me happier.

I hope you really experience the journey as well.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Justin Kern