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A hockey player can definitely get by with his or her own bodyweight, a stick and a puck, and an old dryer as hockey training equipment, but with all the great aids that have been created over the last several years why not use these devices and programs to take your game to the next level. 

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Scott is a hockey coach, hockey dad, as well as a hockey off-ice performance coach(Exercise Physiologist and Strength Coach) with a wide range of experience in everything hockey training related.  You can learn more about Scott here

When it comes to hockey training equipment there is an endless selection of training aids to help you develop your skills and athleticism.  Everything from stick handling equipment to weight training aids are at your finger tips with the growth of online shopping.  

You might be wondering what pieces of training equipment are good for hockey players and what would give you the most bang for your buck?  In this post I've given you a selection of all the top pieces of training equipment and programs that I feel will help elevate your on-ice performance through off-ice training.  

I have personally used or had my athletes use everyone of these pieces of equipment and programs at home or at my training facility at Hillside, so I know they work.

*I have not used all of programs, but know the coaches that teach the courses are of extremely high calibre. eg. Tim Turks is/was Connor Bedard's shooting coach.

Quick TL;DR hockey training equipment Summary Top 15

shooting tarp 

Great for shooting strength in novice players. 

a hockey player taking shots at a shooting tarp.


One of the most versatile pieces of strength training equipment.

A set of adjustable dumbbells with stand.


Everything you need for off-season and in-season training.

Shooting pad 

Perfect surface for friction free shooting and stick handling.

A young hockey player using a slide board to take shots outside.

spike ball 

Super game for teaching agility and reaction skills.

Hockey players playing a game of Spike Ball to help improve their agility.


Experts on shooting, skating, and stick handling from coaches that train the games elite.

Power bands 

Take these bands anywhere at home or on vacation.  Great for the lake. 

A hockey player using power exercise bands for resistance.

green biscuit 

Perfect for working on shooting and stick handling on cement of pavement. 

A green biscuit hockey puck used to practice stick handling on pavement.

extreme passer 

Great for working on your one timers, quick release, and giving and receiving passes.

A hockey player using a puck rebounder to practice passing.


A program that does not need equipment or a gym.  Perfect for summer holidays.

edge dangler 

Perfect for working on those silky mitts. Great for hand eye coordination.

A hockey player practicing stick handling.

hockey sense 

Reading plays is what will separate you from your competition. 

medicine ball 

Gain ultimate power and speed in your shot with this great rotational tool.

A hockey player using a medicine ball for a rotational strengthening exercise.

weight bench 

A bench is a great addition to any home gym.  Opens up your options. 

slide board 

The slide board is the best exercise for simulating a skating stride. 

A hockey player using a slide board to practice his skating stride and lateral movement.

* These are affiliate links which I receive a very small commission on every sale.  Also prices may vary.

A Complete guide for the best hockey training equipment

In the following guide, I want to go a bit more in depth with some benefits that you can expect from utilizing some of these hockey training aids and how it can help transfer to on-ice performance and game situations.  The consistent use of several of these programs and devices will definitely increase your chances of achieving a higher level of skill acquisition. This in turn potentially should allow you the opportunity to make higher levels of hockey or to just evolve into a much better hockey player then you were the year before.

1. Hockey Shooting tarp

This shooting tarp not only helps protect walls, garage doors, and fences from damage, it also gives your hockey player targets to aim at while shooting.  Giving them something to focus on will greatly enhance their accuracy as well as help improve shot strength.  

The tarp can be used indoors and out and any time of the year.

I've got mine in a room down in my basement dedicated to hockey skills.  Works great!

1. Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells

These dumbbells may be the most versatile form of training equipment on the market!  

The weights range from 5lbs. all the way up to 52.5lbs. which is perfect for any youth hockey player.  

they are also perfect for the lake or can be use at home at any time.

The strength training exercises that can can be performed with these dumbbells is endless.  Definitely a must have for any hockey players strength and conditioning needs.

1. Tier One Hockey Training

Tier One Hockey Training is the ultimate off ice hockey training system for every level of hockey player.  Any age, skill level, whether in season or off season, equipment or no equipment, TOHT has what every hockey player needs.  The stronger and more powerful and explosive a hockey player can become the greater the transfer to on ice performance.  Better athletes are better hockey players period.  Hockey Strong Creates Unstoppable Athletes!

1. Shooting pad pro

This shooting pad provides a frictionless surface to shoot pucks off of and really simulates an actual ice surface for an accurate feel while performing shooting and stick handling drills on pavement or cement.

A must have to protect the expensive sticks that are often used in todays game.

Also the shooting pad partners great with the shooting tarp.

1. Spike ball

Hockey is a game that requires a great deal of agility, proprioception, and coordination.  Also the need to be able to react quickly to an opponents movements is essential.

With Spike Ball you not only work on all the above mentioned attributes the kids also get the added enjoyment of playing a fun and challenging game that can be played by multiple players.

Great for home or at the lake or cottage.

1. Hockey Skills Training

We've partnered with, the leading resource for on ice skill development to bring you the best in on ice drills and exercises to help improve skating technique as well as stick handling and shooting!  Straight from the skill coach of Connor Bedard!

1. Power bands

Similarly to the changeable dumbbells, power bands are another great piece of strength training equipment that can be utilized anywhere you need some resistance.  

There are many upper and lower body exercises that can be performed as well as core exercises.

Power bands are perfect for hotel stays or vacation at the lake and fit in any suitcase or carry on.

1. Green biscuit

Working on puck control whether it be shot technique or stick handling, you may not always be able to get on the ice in order to train.  

That's where the Green Biscuit comes into play.  It slides on cement and pavement just like a puck slides on ice.

It has the feel and weight of a regular puck, so the carryover to on-ice performance is spot on.

1. Extreme passer

If you have been watching hockey lately you will definitely have noticed that the game is getting quicker every year.  The passing and shot velocity is at levels never seen before.  A player like Connor Bedard is a great example of this.

His catch and release of the puck is close to pro level and he's well known for dedication to practice.  

One way your hockey player can simulate the catch and release of Connor is to use the Extreme Passer.

It is great for passing, receiving a pass, and releasing a shot immediately.  'Toe drag, release"    

1. The Bodyweight Workouts

The Bodyweight Workouts are a great starting point for any young hockey player or the workouts are also perfect for anyone that does not have access to a gym or equipment.  It's 5 different workouts at your finger tips.

1. Edge Dangler

Stick handling is a great way to improve puck control and helps you keep the puck away from your opponent.  However, if you are really wanting to test and challenge your puck control skills you will want to use the edge dangler.

The Dangler adds obstacles in which you stick handle around to aid in puck control and feel for the puck.

1. The Hockey Sense Handbook

Some say you're born with hockey sense or you're not.  I happen to believe it can be taught.  That's why we've partnered with Built for Hockey to bring you The Hockey Sense Handbook, which will teach you everything you need to know about positioning and decision making on the ice to help dominate your opponent!

1. Medicine ball

Whether you are trying to improve the strength of your shot or help when battling for the puck in front of the net or along the boards, you need to improve your rotational power and strength.

Using a medicine ball is one of the best ways to accomplish this.  By throwing a med ball against a wall or for distance you will gain a tremendous amount of core strength and stability to help take your shot and battling ability to new levels.

1. Adjustable weight lifting bench

If you are looking for a piece of equipment for your home gym to help increase the variety of strength training exercises at your disposal, you will definitely want to check out this adjustable bench.  

The bench is perfect for a wide array of upper body exercises used to improve pushing and pulling movements all great for improving on-ice performance.

1. Slide board pro

You will probably not be able to find a piece of training equipment that simulates a skating stride more than the slide board.  

Whether you need to strengthen your stride or are needing to improve conditioning through energy system training, there is no other apparatus that can do a better job than the slide board.  Definitely worth checking out!

In Conclusion

I just want you to know that all this equipment isn't the be all end all when it comes to hockey training.  Like I mentioned at the beginning of this post, Most of you would be fine with some bodyweight exercises, a stick and puck, and an old dryer for a target to shoot at.

There have been thousands of hockey players that didn't use any of this stuff early in their hockey career, yet still managed to play at the highest levels.  

However, if you are really looking to excel, what these training aids can do is add convenience and help speed up the process of skill development.  Also, with their help, you will get stronger and faster along with greater improvements in puck handling and shooting then you otherwise would without the use of training equipment.

  The training aids can also instill some variety and fun into your training and who wouldn't want that!

Discover the Game Changers that aaa coaches, scouts, skating, skill, and strength coaches use to get their athletes to elite levels  

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