explosive edge: Off-season Hockey Performance Training System

Gain the edge on your competition this off-season with improved strength, power, speed, and explosiveness!

Explosive Edge: Off-Season is one of the most comprehensive and cutting edge hockey training programs on the market.  Gain strength to help separate the puck from your opponent with greater ease.  Power up the ice with an unstoppable will.  Create separation from your opponent with increased speed and explosiveness never thought possible.  EEOS has everything your daughter or son will need to excel on the ice through off-ice training.

no one wants to go to tryouts weak and out of shape.

Coaches, scouts, and evaluators are always watching the first couple skates at camps and tryouts to see who has put in some work over the summer.  The last thing you want is a lack of training to be the reason your kid doesn't make the cut or is overlooked because they look sluggish and slow or heaven forbid they are puking in the garbage can between shifts.  Believe me I see it every year.

Who wants to trade in their muffins for rockets?

Skating speed and explosiveness are king, however you can't overlook shot power to be the cherry on top of your son or daugther's hard work getting themselves in goal country.  You want them to hammer that puck home not softly arch it through the air into the goalie's glove or  chest protector.   

Time to turn some heads this Upcoming season!

Every fall you know there is always a couple kids that seemingly come out of nowhere.  It takes most of the parents a few minutes to actually figure out who the player is even if it's someone they have watched play for years.  


Then shock sets in when you realize it's so and so who your son or daughter played against and wasn't usually anything special.

Now they are unrecognizable!  FAST, STRONG, EXPLOSIVE! 


You ask around and the talk is that they worked out all off-season on an off-ice training program and KILLED IT!  Their stride looks more powerful, strong in the corners and in front of the net and their winning all the races to the puck!  This player just went from a potential bubble kid to 1st or 2nd line center.


Your kid could be the player that is making all the other parents, coaches, scouts, and evaluators heads turn.  Transforming their game with some determination and will to be better than they were last year.  This can all be realized through a good off-season performance training program.  A great program can help them win more battles and races, snipe more top corners, more goals, more assists, more team wins, and more championships!

Here's What Others Are Saying About HOCKEY STRONG

"I've been training at Hillside for 5 years, and I have nothing but good things to say. Scott and Christina's knowledge, experience, and training has helped me out more than I could have imagined. Their instruction and expertise is helping me become physically a better hockey player."

Gabe Klassen

Captain of the Portland Winterhawks

"I have 3 boys ages 18, 15, and 12 and all have spent time training with Scott Ward(Hockey Strong). Scott has been an excellent trainer and encourager to each of them. His expertise and calm approach has influenced and enhanced our boys strength, conditioning, and confidence as athletes!"

Shane A.

Hockey Parent

"I began the Hockey Strong program after an ACL/meniscus injury. I was able to complete four months of the program before undergoing ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair. The strength I was able to obtain during the months leading up to surgery was extremely valuable. The emphasis on single leg strength, proprioception, and balance was exactly what I needed pre surgery and has been necessary in my recovery post surgery."

Brady Wilks

Hockey Player

"This online training encouraged/motivated me to go to the gym and work on my fitness/off ice more then when I had to make up workouts on my own. It felt like I had a reason to go to the gym. Therefore this program got me to work on my off season more than before."

Mackenzie Curran

Hockey Player

Image of Scott Ward. Hockey dad, hockey coach, and exercise physiologist/strength coach.

here's your off-season performance coach

Currently co-owner and Exercise Therapist at Hillside Physical Health and Fitness. This is where Scott trains athletes with an emphasis on Hockey Players. I know with his experience and education he will be able to help you be the best hockey player you can be.

Through his hockey coaching and strength and conditioning and through discussions with hockey players like your son or daughter, there seems to be a common thread. Hockey players need help with where to start with off-ice training and hockey players need help getting stronger, faster, and more explosive. So he decided that he would create a system that can help transfer some of his knowledge on to you. Hopefully through some guidance, together you can take your kid's game to the next level.

Certified Exercise Physiologist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, High Performance Specialist through the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the National Strength and Conditioning Association

There's no better time to start off-ice training then right now!

The quickest way to success is too do what others aren't willing to do.

Some kids are playing video games after school others are putting in time exercising, however not utilizing the right exercises with no measurable form of intensity and focus.

It's like plating a tree, there is no better time to start then right now!

Early spring, late spring, early summer, mid summer, it doesn't matter.  Getting started is 75% of the battle.

Beginning with foundational exercises which work on the ground floor to help separate your son or daughter from the competition.

The great thing about Explosive Edge is it contains everything you need to begin now.

If your hockey player is working out in the basement, playground, or  the gym, EEOS  has them covered. There are programs to accommodate any athlete's situation.  

Even if they happen to be at the lake for a few weeks with no equipment, they'll be good to go!

what you get...

A 7 Phase approach focused on emphasising one key foundational idea without neglecting any of the other attributes along the way. 
Within these 7 Phases is a transitional Phase used to help with the switch over from the repetitive pounding of a long hockey season to  a more well rounded off-ice training routine.
The performance training system will come with printable workout and instructional sheets in pdf format. 
Also how to videos of all exercises will be accessible on Hockey Strong TV.
LIFE TIME ACCESS to the workouts through Hockey Strong's members area.
PLUS some incredible BONUSES for signing up TODAY!



Strength for battling in corners and in front of the net. Also for gaining position off the draw.


Improved power from body to the blade through to the ice. Also aids in shot power.


Increased speed to carry the puck down the ice. Win longer puck races and back checking.


Increases in muscle size is definitely possible for the older players.


Important when racing for the puck in close proximity. Create separation from opponent.


Increase range of motion in your joints through complete ROM exercises.


Move fluidly with co-ordination and stability and complete body awareness. 


Gain the ability to demonstrate reactive agility in response to opponents moves.


Increase the efficiency of the energy systems used during a shift as well as recovery.

explosive edge: Off-season 
i think now is the time to edge out your competition!

So here's the deal...

This program is focused 100% on making your son or daugther a better hockey player than they ever thought they could be.

The 21-week program is online and you will now have lifetime access to all the instruction and workout sheets.

PLUS, you also have lifetime access to all the (wink, wink) below mentioned special bonusus!

The investment in your hockey player's potential?

No, it's not $497, $397, $297 or even $197

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