explosive skating 

The #1 question I get asked by hockey parents is how to get their son or daughter more explosive on the ice.

I created "Explosive Skating" to solve this specific problem. Perfect for the hockey player that is lacking the speed and explosiveness they need to win puck races and create separation between them and their opponent. 

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Great for in-Season or off-Season Training! 

Discover everything your hockey player needs to get explosive whether it's in the middle of a competitive season or during the spring/summer trying to get ahead of the competition.

About this program

Explosive Skating focuses on developing the strength and power needed to generate an explosive stride from a stand still and change of direction.  This is what will create enough separation between you and your opponent to maintain puck possession or help with puck retrieval.  

Reaction, agility, and acceleration are also a big part of the Explosive Skating program which will have a direct impact on improving on-ice performance.

Working on top end speed through sprinting has also been shown to help with skating speed and explosiveness which has also been integrated into the 8-12 weeks of training.

Turn heads of coaches and scouts with this 4 times per week program!

Great for in-season or off-season training.
Workouts consist of a Day 1 and Day 2 alternating system.
engineered for quick results.
Specialized program for more explosive and faster skating.

GET fast and explosive FOR ONLY $49

Here's What Others Are Saying About HOCKEY STRONG

Gabe Klassen

Captain of the Portland Winterhawks

"I've been training at Hillside for 5 years, and I have nothing but good things to say.  Scott and Christina's knowledge, experience, and training has helped me out more than I could have imagined.  Their instruction and expertise is helping me become physically a better hockey player."

Mackenzie Curran

Hockey Player

"This online training encouraged/motivated me to go to the gym and work on my fitness/off ice more then when I had to make up workouts on my own.  It felt like I had a reason to go to the gym.  Therefore this program got me to work on my off season more than before."

Brady Wilks

Hockey Player

"I began the Hockey Strong program after an ACL/meniscus injury.  I was able to complete four months of the program before undergoing ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair.  The strength I was able to obtain during the months leading up to surgery was extremely valuable.  The emphasis on single leg strength, proprioception, and balance was exactly what I needed pre surgery and has been necessary in my recovery post surgery."

Shane A.

Hockey Parent

"I have 3 boys ages 18, 15, and 12 and all have spent time training with Scott Ward(Hockey Strong).  Scott has been an excellent trainer and encourager to each of them.  His expertise and calm approach has influenced and enhanced our boys strength, conditioning, and confidence as athletes!"

GET fast and explosive FOR ONLY $49

Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Start A Training Program

As a young hockey player, one of the most important skills to develop is explosive skating. With the ability to accelerate quickly and make sudden changes in direction, you can gain a significant advantage over your opponents on the ice. The "Explosive Skating" training program is designed to help you achieve just that. By incorporating a variety of exercises and drills specifically aimed at increasing your power and explosiveness on the ice, this program will not only help you improve your skating, but also enhance your overall performance. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, the "Explosive Skating" program is a must-have for anyone looking to take their game to the next level.

explosive skating

Get game changing explosiveness and speed with this 8-12 week program!

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