Hockey Strong's Workout Monthly
the 1st month is free

2 New Workouts Every Month and the First Month is FREE!

Hockey is changing! Players are bigger, stronger, and faster.

Training has helped them transform into explosive and powerful weapons and training can do the same for you!

Neglect training and you'll be left struggling to make it an entire season feeling strong and healthy.

Simple and easy way to get your son or daughter started on a hockey training program.

Your hockey player will learn the proper exercises needed to build a foundation of strength and power that will help them beat the competition!

Off-Season or In-Season Training.  It's All Here! 

There's no better feeling than experiencing a playoff run feeling faster and more energized than you did at the start of the season.  Or heading into tryouts feeling invincible! Training can make the winning trophy feel pretty light as well:)

About this program

Your training is what will pull you along as it guides you through a whole off-season or in-season of personal and team bests.

This is all accomplished with two hockey training programs sent directly to your inbox every month.

The workouts,

stomp out overuse injuries and
give you the stamina needed to overcome the rigours of an entire season.

These two programs will also help improve;

and core stability.

Remember this all comes right to your inbox every month...

You will get the first month FREE then charged only $10 for every 2 monthly workouts after that! Definitely a No Brainer.

You can cancel at anytime, no questions asked.

The perfect solution to keep ahead of your competition as they drop off mid season. You'll also be your teammates and coaches go to player!

Everything needed to improve on ice performance.

Perfect for any age and skill level. Very simple and hassle free!

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"I've been training with Hockey Strong for 5 years, and I have nothing but good things to say.
Scott's knowledge, experience, and training has helped me out more than I could have imagined.
His instruction and expertise is helping me become physically a better hockey player."

Gabe Klassen

Captain of the Portland Winterhawks

Hockey strong's workout monthly

Get bigger, stronger, and faster.

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