Now is a great time to start off ice training!

Tier One Hockey Training Gives You Everything You Need.

Give your hockey player the opportunity to be their potential!  Whether their goal is to be a tier one hockey player or just to be better than they were last year, Tier One Hockey Training is the answer!

Here's What Others Are Saying About HOCKEY STRONG

Gabe Klassen

Portland Winterhawks

"I've been training at Hillside for 5 years, and I have nothing but good things to say.  Scott and Christina's knowledge, experience, and training has helped me out more than I could have imagined.  Their instruction and expertise is helping me become physically a better hockey player."

Mackenzie Curran

Hockey Player

"This online training encouraged/motivated me to go to the gym and work on my fitness/off ice more then when I had to make up workouts on my own.  It felt like I had a reason to go to the gym.  Therefore this program got me to work on my off season more than before."

Brady Wilks

Hockey Player

"I began the Hockey Strong program after an ACL/meniscus injury.  I was able to complete four months of the program before undergoing ACL reconstruction and medial meniscus repair.  The strength I was able to obtain during the months leading up to surgery was extremely valuable.  The emphasis on single leg strength, proprioception, and balance was exactly what I needed pre surgery and has been necessary in my recovery post surgery."

Shane A.

Hockey Parent

"I have 3 boys ages 18, 15, and 12 and all have spent time training with Scott Ward(Hockey Strong).  Scott has been an excellent trainer and encourager to each of them.  His expertise and calm approach has influenced and enhanced our boys strength, conditioning, and confidence as athletes!"

the only training program your hockey player will Ever Need

Tier One Hockey Training is one of the most comprehensive and cutting edge hockey training programs on the market.  Regardless of skill level and access to equipment, TOHT has everything your daughter or son need to excel on the ice.  Check it out!

What you can expect...

Expect improvements in Speed and Explosiveness.
Experience improvements in Strength, Power, and Stamina. Out skate your opponents and do it for an entire game.
No Gym! No Problem. A Bodyweight Program is included along with banded and weight training programs.
Discover the Right Exercises with the Proper Form. Build the correct foundation on day one.
Programs for Any Level of Player.

the time is now...

It's never too late to start working on the basic foundational exercises which will separate your son or daughter from the competition.  

The great thing about Tier One Hockey Training is it contains everything you need to begin now.

If you're at the lake or in the basement, play ground, or gym, equipment or no equipment, TOHT has you covered.  There are programs to accommodate any athlete's situation.

Time to get at it!

Bonus alert!

I can't forget to mention the great bonus's that I added to the TOHT program!

Not only will you get off season and in season training programs for all skill levels, but you will also get specialized programs focused on :

Shot Power
and Recovery

This makes it a definite no brainer!

Improve strength, power, speed, and explosiveness 

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off ice training taken care of?  If so check out the best On Ice skills training available!

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