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I’m Scott Ward, the creator of Hockey Strong.  You can find out more about me on the About Page.  I would like to welcome you to the site and hope you can find something useful in regards to off ice hockey training.

The main reason for creating this site was to fill the need for hockey training material with off ice training in mind, but to also help develop a community of like minded hockey parents passionate about the sport of hockey and helping their child become the best hockey player and person they can be.

Why You Are Here

Obviously you love hockey as much as I do or you wouldn’t be here.  Your desire to develop your hockey players talent to their potential is what will set them apart.  You realize that just going out to hockey practice a couple times a week during the hockey season isn’t enough to truly excel.  You know to get the edge they need you need to go the extra mile with off ice conditioning to help improve their speed, strength, power and stamina.  You want more!

Surround Yourself With Others That Share Your Passion

There is a strong sense of community here at HS.  Everyone has the same intent, to help their children is sport and in life.  Join in on Facebook or use the Contact Us page to ask questions, answer questions, and get in touch with other hockey parents in hopes of creating a tribe of athletes, coaches, parents and hockey enthusiasts all with the same passion.

Check Out The Blog

The blog will be a growing hot bed of hockey training knowledge that will hopefully touch on the topics that are on the top of everyones mind.  There will be stories, tips, exercises, rants, and raves all geared towards helping them become a better hockey player.

Training Programs

If you’re looking for a little more, you might want to check out the The Bodyweight Workouts or Hockey Training Programs page which has a list of books, training programs, and equipment to take their on ice performance to the next level.

I Appreciate You!

Thanks again for visiting this site and sharing your passion for hockey with myself and the Hockey Strong community.  I hope you stick around and take in what this site has to offer. Welcome!