Hockey Strong Programs

Through consistent  and progressive performance of foundational and fundamental exercises and systems, every hockey player is capable of being better than they were before, regardless of skill level.

Hockey Strong training programs use fundamental movement patterns geared towards improving athletic performance with the focus of elevating on ice hockey performance.

most affordable off-season program you'll find anywhere!


Explosive Edge - Hockey Performance Training System is the ultimate off-ice hockey training system for every level of hockey player.  Any age, skill level, whether in season or off season, equipment or no equipment, Explosive Edge has what every hockey player needs.  The stronger and more powerful and explosive a hockey player can become the greater the transfer to on ice performance.  Better athletes are better hockey players period.  Hockey Strong Creates Unstoppable Athletes!

explosive skating

The one thing all coaches, scouts, and parents want to see develop in a young player is their explosiveness.  Hockey is all about winning short races to the puck and exploding out of a change of direction.  This is what creates separation between you and your opponent.  It's what helps get more goals in the back of the net. Ultimately putting more wins up on the board and more championship banners hanging from the rafters!

the bodyweight workouts

The Bodyweight Workouts are a great starting point for any young hockey player or the workouts are also perfect for anyone that does not have access to a gym or equipment.  It's 5 different workouts at your finger tips.

Hockey Strong's Workout Monthly

Hockey Strong's Workout Monthly membership is the simplest, most easy, and quickest way to get started training for hockey you'll ever find!  You get 2 hockey workouts sent directly to your inbox every month and the first month is free!  Everything you need to improve strength, speed, power, and stamina. 

Hockey mindset mastery

Affiliate Partnership

The mind is a powerful tool and yet it is probably the most under utilized piece of the hockey training puzzle.  Through The Built for Hockey Mindset Mastery program learn how to take your game to the next level!

The Hockey Sense Handbook

Affiliate Partnership

Some say you're born with hockey sense or you're not.  I happen to believe it can be taught.  That's why we've partnered with Built for Hockey to bring you The Hockey Sense Handbook, which will teach you everything you need to know about positioning and decision making on the ice to help dominate your opponent!

Skate fuel

Join the ranks of Hockey Strong athletes who have unlocked their true potential through proper nutrition. Don't settle for less; choose Skate Fuel and skate your way to victory!

Discover the Game Changers that aaa coaches, scouts, skating, skill, and strength coaches use to get their athletes to elite levels  

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