Speed Training For Hockey Players

I’ll start off our conversation about skating speed with one of the greatest minds in hockey training today.  It’s none other than Kevin Neeld of The Boston Bruins.

Kevin wrote an article on 11 Speed Training Tips which gets into the specific movement demands of the skating stride, quick start training, and much more.  One thing that is great about this article is how it defines the muscles needed during a skating stride. It also explains physical qualities that can limit the development of speed.  Hope you enjoy it.

Image of hockey player skating.

How Core Training Helps Improve Skating Speed For Hockey

Core training has become synonymous with abdominal training, crunches, and six packs. However, In regards to skating faster and more explosively for hockey, you need to think functional movements and stability holds.

The core is the link between the upper and lower body.  Having a stiff stable core is how you will transfer force into the ice.

In this article, Modern Core Training by Strength Coach Josh Henkin over at Ultimate Sandbag you quickly find out there is a lot more to core work then just blasting the abs.  Not only are there more muscle groups involved when it comes to training the core, it is sometimes best trained while resisting movement.

Image of an athlete training core.

Hope these two articles have given you some ideas to add to their hockey training to help kick start your kids drive for speed and explosiveness on the ice.  Until next time.